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Red has always been my favourite colour which is why I use it as a signature colour for my brand. There is something about Red that makes me feel strong and invincible. Something I hope every woman gets to feel in her lifetime, The same reason I blog and design for woman because I genuinely
want women to wear my brands and feel inspired to be powerful women. It certainly isn't easy being us, but we still out here running the world. Morals intact (Applause please).  

Now let's chat about this fire outfit for a bit. There are a lot of items in this outfit are I'm not a fan off for my personal style, but when I put them together in one look, it all came together so perfectly. However, I just need to add a disclaimer that without the Daddy Leather jacket, this look would be bland and unfinished. In fact I take my disclaimer so seriously that in summer, I plan to wear it with a Daddy Denim jacket and canvas sneakers. Ok Disclaimer done! Now where was I? Oh yes, the items I'm not a fan off. I'm not a fan of chunky shoes, chunky high socks and lastly no a fan of tight fitting jumpsuits. In general I prefer my clothes loose rather than tight, but for some reason because of this over sized jacket it all just works!

P.S. Don't allow anyone to tell you who you are. My attitude is Red... like my heart. 

...xoxo LM (The Only F.O.R!)

Photos by Martin Amushendje

Sunnies: Pretty Little Things
Daddy Jacket: Harare 2nd hand Market
Jumpsuit: Pretty Little Things
Bralette: Cotton On
Moon bag: Pretty Little Things
Socks: Cotton On
Shoes: Edgars

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  1. Beautiful!! For reading more information about latest fashion trends visit Here you can read full articles with the right information. Thanks, for sharing this post with us.

  2. This is so beautiful! I also like red so much. Though, I don't have so many clothes which are red. I think that I need to correct the situation.