SPORT LUX: Sleah Style

3:07:00 AM

Sports Lux is my go to dress code, especially in winter because I cannot deal with having cold feet. Although I generally prefer to be in heels all day (cause being short 😓) , my lifestyle and daily run arounds just doesn't allow me to be that level of fabulous all the time. Blogging is my fabulous outlet cause when I'm not in a Taxis, knee deep in fabric or cutting fabric; I'm being a pedestrian looking for fabric - either way fabric features on a daily bases. That's how I ended up making this fabulous pants in this post. Me using some of my skills to do some good in the world! Which begs the question; what good have you done lately? Me: "Made a Sleah pants for a Sleah so she wouldn't look so basic doing what she does on a daily." (lol but seriously though go out there and do some good.)

Now let's talk about this lux look and why I'm obsessed. So sports lux is basically looking fancy in a sporty comfortable look. So think Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls. My look is basically a Sporty Spice look with a little more sparkle because it's the 21st Century - why are you not shining?! I am absolutely in love with these through pants from my brand! They are light weight, comfortable and the sheerness and sheen makes you feel super sexy. Now I could have worn this with black high-waisted undies, but I was on my sexy and my nude undies felt like a better vibe.  The key to this whole look,  fancy sneaker and a fire bag.  I'll also be honest and say a look like this looks really easy to put together - its not. Thats why most sport lux outfits are black and with dark tones. Color is the key to making your sporty outfit look luxurious, so nothing too bright and touch a fancy always works. 

P.S. I felt like such a vibe, but Kevin hated all the cars that slowed down to holla while were where shooting this. Moral of the outfit; be ready for the attention your outfit is asking for!

...xoxo LM (The F.O.R)

Photos by Kevin Katokele


Top: Top Shop
Pants: La Mode Fashions (SLEAH BRAND)
Bags: Aldos
Shoes: Edgars

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