YAY! Finally Mentally in 2018!

11:08:00 PM

YAY! We are finally here! If you follow my on social media you will know that I've been battling with making a significant career change! To Blog or not to blog? That is the question! Well I have decided to continue blogging cause it feeds my soul! 

I am changing the direction of my blog a tad bit. For the longest I blogged about fashion that I acquired and looks that seemed impossible get in Namibia. Now my online purchases and looks will strictly be for youtube look books. Everything that will be on this blog page will be garments I either made or got from African designers/brands. We need to learn to love us if we intend on others loving us too.    

For the longest time I never wore my LM clothing line and people would ask me all the time why I don't wear my own designs.  To be honest I was never the ideal LM woman.  LM was someone I aspired to be. She is the woman I hoped to grow up to be  and wearing my brand for me symbolized that I was already there and personally I didn't feel that way. I was never interested in portraying a false idea of success because I did not think that other young woman like me would appreciate it and I still don't. The LM woman is the kind of woman that is strong and fierce, dead set in her way and always ready to reinvent and recreate herself because there was just so much more to her than she would ever be able to portray in a lifetime. 

My Blogging style is gonna change because I finally feel like I'm the kind of woman that wears LM. I have always been the kind of woman that I create for but I had to learn to be that person. I had to grow into who I aspired to be even though I already knew who that was . At 29 I feel the most comfortable I have ever felt in my skin, loving who I am and what I do. Gosh these are the mental paradies we seek!  I realized that if I was going to really love myself I had to include my brand/my work because I have built every fibre of myself into it. So now when they ask who do you design for. I'll say for women like me. Women who have the audacity to create their own lifestyles and live the kind of life only they can live. Women who aren't afraid to work hard, that aren't afraid to be or look different. Women that believe in their ability to set rooms a light when they walk into them,  so that even if they don't remember who she was, they will say; "she lit everything around her" (Sleah). 

P.S. I'm so excited for this new blogging journey and truly hope you will all come along with me. 

...xoxo LM ( The F.O.R)

Photos by Neal Phore

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