LM FALL/WINTER 2018 by Leah Misika

8:02:00 AM

Remember when you were a little girl and had no real worries about whom or how to be? When your ambitions were simple and obtainable and the only obstacle in your way was your education. Living in modern day Namibia and providing a service to beautiful and successful women who constantly have to tone themselves down just to survive the stereotypes of how they became successful makes for a sad reality. Although the LM fall/winter 2018 collection does not address these issues fully, it is inspired by the nostalgic symptoms that come from these issues. It is a very young and sexy collection infused with a kindred spirit. Essentially saying; "lets be little girls again". The kind that liked being around other little girls, the kind that had immeasurable ambitions, and the kind that understood the ideals of squad goals even before it was a thing. The kind that believed that they could be smart, beautiful and successful all at once. The kind that never flinched when matched up or challenged by a boy. 

To see the full collection you had to be at the fashion show which was an experience on its own. I have never believed in being subtle or doing things small to make people comfortable. I work really hard on every aspect of my business and I would like for people to see that in everything I do. Every detail really matters to me and that is why an LM Fashion show will always be a private and off site event. I want my client to feel special and be special and enjoy a very special experience. This years signature drink was Grey Goose and Redbull. In true LMF style what is a LM Fashion show with out a signature drink for the night, great esthetics and tiny details that make it all work. Fashionable people and good fashion. Thank you for coming! 

A Big Thank You to :

Bacardi for The Grey Goose
Distill for the Champagne
Picallo for the bar and after party
Dj Alu for Music
CIC for sound and so much more.
Martha Kaukungwa for Decor and coordination
Neal Phore for Set Up and coordination 
Lafika for Backstage and Model Coordination
MUD Certified Make UP Artist 
Leon Engelbrecht (Unleashed Design) for Collaborating with me
LM 2018 Models 

P.S. Hope you are ready for 2018's Show. It is going to be amazing!
xoxo... LM (Just Another F.O.R) 

Photos by Kevin Katokele


Woudre Tune
Jade Tune
Princess Tjozongoro
Phill-Ann Auala
Naomi Nambinga

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