Mexican Tuxedo

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It is finally summer and the minimalistic slay has already began, but lets be honest; it is hard to transition from all the fab layering we did in winter. So naturally I wanted to do a summer layered look with my version of a Mexican Tuxedo. We live in a semi-desert so when summer hits, it hits hard. Hence we pulled out these old denim SHORTS! I don't care what anyone says, tiny shorts will save your life because they are so easy to style. This is my "I'm not Beyoncé because she would never put up with this heat, but if I had to be, Id probably look like this." Honestly though this is such an easy look for anyone to pull off and it is an all day look which I love. So if you have to do the run around during the day you could still rock this look and tone it down with a fun sneaker (Creepers) or a strappy sandal for my girly girls. Also the jacket can be replaced with denim shirt (the boyfriend kind), but youd be risking the edginess of this outfit.

Now I know this is about style, but can we take a minute to talk about my LEGS! Lets be realistic... Rocking shorts is all about the legs. If my legs looked dry, ashy and shapeless, this look would be weak. So Ill share a little glow up secret with you. Now if you are like me and the gym hates you, this is for you. So firstly I’ll say; I'm a pedestrian so I do walk a lot and IFY: I used to play soccer back in the day so naturally my legs don't suck. However if you are trying have that glowy, firm, but looks butter kind of legs. Youre going to have to go in with that bronzer. 

1. Exfoliate/body scrub them legs (Also, if you have hair. Wax it! Nobody like a Porcupine.)
2. Go in with that lotion. I like to use Nivea (the Dark Blue bottle) because it leaves you with a glow (half the work done.)
3. The most crucial step. BRONZER! Now if you have nice legs just put the bronzer through out. However, if the legs are not on your side you have to strategically place the bronzer on you calf curves back and front following the curves of your legs (Almost like when you highlight your nose.) trust me this will change how you feel about your legs. 

P.S. If all this “Glowing Up is too much. Panty hose with shorts will never fail you. Beyoncé does it all the time and her legs stay looking like butter. 

XOXO... LM (Just another F.O.R) 


Sunnies: YDE
Clutch: H&M
Jacket: Refinery
Shirt:Fashion Express (Something Borrowed)
Shorts: JayJays (Something Old)
Shoes: Kurt Geiger (Something New)

 I'm NOT DONE yet !


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  1. I am in love with your over all attire.You have wore such a classy glasses.I seriously can't take my eyes off from you.You look like a complete diva.