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 So as you can image I was excited to receive Embattled t-shirts all the way from California because Fashion for a cause it is something that is so close to my heart.  Its all good an well to look amazing and slay, but what would life be if the pretty thing mattered more than being a human being with compassion? Anyways I absolutely love and support what embattled is about and is doing. Having a business that contributes to charity is not always so easy and is not something you have to do so it is always refreshing to discover new brands that are doing it. The world needs more of this because what are we really doing in Fashion to create a better world? We cannot allow to be just about the frivolous when the world is loosing at being great.  It has to matter! All of it, all the things we do and the influence we have should amount to some good or be direct in proportion to the bad we contribute. Lets focus on the balance.

Now about me wearing these Tees. I support the cause ; yes, but I don't really like t-shirts. I have a few but they are either fitted, really graphic or very basic. So it is safe to say the Embattled T-shirts are not my style as it, but that should never stop you from supporting a cause and brand you love. I decided to revamp mine with very simple DIY tricks and now I can't stop wearing them enough!  

BIG BIG BIG Thank to Embattled for letting me revamp my t-shirts because it is the cause that matters.

P.S. If you'd like to see how I revamped my Tees, check out my youtube DIY video (will be up Tuesday11th July) on my Channel.

XOXO... LM (Just another F.O.R) 

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  1. Oh a style dairy cool. I hope that you will show us your unique style and unique stuff which we can follow. Style statement is really important now a days and to guide about style is really important and cool stuff. Do update us about style and fashion thanks :)