Refinery Jeans: Im Obsessed!

10:13:00 AM

Constanz and I don't agree on much, but we do agree on good denim jeans. So when I was asked to try these new RF01 skinny jeans by Refinery I was all in and had to drag my Denim buddy with me. I wanted him tell me what he thought about my new jeans, and I also wanted to see him try on the RF02 skinny jeans for men (and if you have seen Constanz in Jeans, you know exactly why). I can tell you now that ever since that day, it has become a lot harder to wear anything else. I'm obsessed with 2 things about these jeans. Firstly, the amazing fit - because it sculpts my body so well (Who doesn't want to look like they squad everyday?!) and secondly,  I cannot get over is how comfortable these jeans are. I have tons of skinny jeans from different brands, but not ones that I want to lounge in or spend my busy days in. I also generally like to sit in weird ways at work so I wear a lot tights and gym clothes so I can be flexible. All that has changed since it met the RF01 and that why I cannot stop raving about them.    

Another personal side note; I generally like to wash my jeans after 2 to 3 wears and because these jeans seem to keep their elasticity pretty well, I can actually stick to that (Yay for me!) . I hate to wash my jeans just because I need them to shrink back to size. In truth, all women really want is a pair of jeans that understands their body and agrees with their shape. And right now, I feel like I'm so winning cause I literally have this pair of jeans in every single colour. Checkout when I got to wear mine this past week. 

Details: the Jeans retail for N$250 which is amazingly affordable for really nice denim. The RF02 that Constanz is sporting cost N$ 350 which I'm sure is supper affordable for guys jeans, but Its day like this that make it fabulous to be a girls 💅 

P.S. Don't miss an awesome opportunity to win a pair of these fabulous jeans. Details on my Instagram and Facebook!

...xoxo LM ...just another F.O.R 💋


On Thursdays we contemplate changing our blog layouts :)
On Fridays we read The Weekender in comfort

On Saturdays we party in Refinery Jeans 
On Sunday... Well Sundays are for messy, a good book and definitely good Jeans!

On set with Constanz Sechogele
Campaign shoot video will be up on my YouTube on Tuesday! 

I would do an OOTD, but we are head to toe in Refinery! 

Constanze wearing the new RF02 for men and me in RF01 for women. 

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  1. All the pictures look phenomenal, absolutely love the fit, shape and color of the jeans. Will definitely consider this brand when I go jeans shopping now. Thanks for the great post.

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