Everthing that GLITTERS!

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If you have not noticed, I am absolutely obsessed with reinventing my look because if being in a box was ever a thing, I would hate for people to think they can box in my style. I dress and wear what I like every single day. So how exactly did I stumble onto glitter lips? I am what you call a light “accessorizer”. I rarely wear earrings and hate having to pick out a neckpiece. If it were up to me, I would not wear earrings at all and only wear one dainty necklace that I never have to take off. However this is Fashion and accessories are just as important as the outfit itself.  So in efforts to find ways to continue my strike against some of these tiny things we need.  I thought of a more permanent show stopping kind accessory and after trolling YouTube, I found it! For now glittered lips are my best accessory.

How to glitter up them lips!

What you need: Tones of glitter, a lipstick brush and glitter glue or lash glue 😉.

Step 1
Apply your regular lipstick

Step 2
 Apply glue to the lips. (I would advice to start with the bottom lip first, and then do half of the top and then the other half.)
Step 3
 Apply glitter using the same brush you used to put on glue. (Pat the glitter onto your lips… never try to brush it on because you will remove the glue and it will all get so messy.

Warning: This is only easy after you do it a couple of times.  I’ve been doing these lips to just about every major outing since Windhoek Fashion Week and I’ve learned quite a few things every time I do it, so to save you time and trial and errors; here are some hacks.

1.     Try and keep your mouth as wide as you can while applying glue because as you can imagine it might get difficult to things like talk, smile, eat as you might tear the glue  (not cute) etc.
2.     Carry your own straws, you will need them all night to consume your drinks and you would be surprised how many places or events just do not have them. (Prep is everything.)
3.     Eat only what you can put in your mouth. You will not be able to eat things that need to touch you lips. So the golden rule is it is not small enough to fit the whole thing in your mouth than don’t do it.
4.     This is a lip for events. This is not a date night kind of thing, your boyfriend will hate it once he can’t make out with you and secondly cause of all the glitter he will have in this beard when you do.

P.S. Tutorial video will be up on Tuesday on my You Tube Channel for all you visual people! And totally drop me a comment if you're going to try this!

...xoxo LM (Just another F.O.R) 💋

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