The Great Pop OUTFIT

12:03:00 AM

Thank you Monochrome for capturing my essence!

I had an epic time at The Great Pop Up  and would love to share why. Firstly, my OOTD had me feeling like the cutest little thing alive! Also the first thing I have ever made myself and it took me literally an hour to make. Just a side note: I have never made a wearable garment within an hour or two- ever. I am not sure if I was excited that I made it or because it came out so well. Either way, I felt good and it showed. 

As for The Great Pop; the event was a great success, designers came and set up and it was a great energy to witness and the Red Bull DJ  played great tunes and Wing girls spread some free wings. Sales on the other hand were not as great according to some of the designers that took part, which was not a surprise. I believe everyone had an obligation to get their clients there by doing so self advertising which I didn't see much of on designer's social media. Another observation had me thinking that the public should know what to expect in terms of price ranges so they come with the right mindset and budget. The worst thing is having a budget shopper at a designers Pop tell you that your designs are too expensive.  All in all I give the event an B+ and will definitely be attending the next! 


Flower Band: One Gem Fashions
Shirt Dress: Yours Truly!
Drink: Happy Me (Wild Berry bubbles)
Bag: Forever New
Shoes: Ego 

Purple Hair will change your life

A Day With Mr RED BULL!


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  1. Love your blog! I've been hunting for other Namibian fashion bloggers, bless! Also the dress you have on is so so pretty.

  2. Thank you Victoria! Hope you follow the youtube too... Its way more interactive. Mwah!