Life In D.I.Y Slides

10:48:00 PM

If you watched my DIY video; you know that I made these slides and they turned out so cute that I could not resist taking pics and showing them off. Wore them just about everywhere all week since I made them and they are seriously growing on me. It is not just about the fluff, they turned out to be super comfortable too. Now I will admit that if you have never worn slided before, this kind of shoe definitely feels strange at first, but after a while it feels pretty darn normal. 

Disclaimer: These slides are not Gucci... unfortunately anything you buy in China Town does not come with preference. You get what you get and you will like it. Leave me a comment you looooooove these or just want to say Hi! 

P.S. Keep an eye out on my social Media and Blog for Updates on Fashion Week Daily! If you are attending; see you there!

xoxo... LM

Bodysuit: The Fix
Fluffy Red Slides: Yours Truly! 

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  1. Awesome blogger. Love all your pieces. Came here to read 1 insert, found myself reading everything else blog after blog. I must say they really cool. Love your work xoxo, but more so your PASSION for fashion & art ������. Keep going u doing really great