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Summer bodies are made in winter, but my summer body is going to be made in FASER. Finally a trendy activewear brand that gets me! Firstly, I like to look good while I'm working out. Yes, gym clothes are gym clothes until you wear real gym clothes and realize why all these Instagram fit girls look like their having a great time working out? I'm a fashionista so if working out is going to be apart of my life I wanna slay through my workout. 

Here are 5 reasons why I would recommend this brand
  1. The colour palette is beautiful and just looks really great on any skin tone.
  2. The fabric feels like butter on your skin not mention the fact that it makes it look like butter too because of the temperature regulating technology. 
  3. If you are an online shopper the shipping time is not that long, FASER is in Norway and take 2 weeks to get to Namibia (Most online stores take 1 month!)
  4. Each items has something special about it, so matter what you get you're going to find something cool about it. I love the "FLEX FRIDAY" because its like the perfect motivation to gym on a Friday. 
  5. Well besided the fact that I am the only girls that has the brand in Africa. It is exclusive! you will be one of a few. 

 Not to mention the technology incorporated in this gear is so awesome! If you have cellulite problems (like every other woman)  and are tired of seeing them through your gym tights, this is the brand for you! Your gym life depends on your mood and when you get to wear tights that feel like butter on your body. 

SN: If you wanna purchase follow FASER on Instagram! 

I love the smart branding!

These tights are my personal fav because anything that feels like butter on my skin is worth it.

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