Black BOSS Bomber Babe

2:53:00 PM

I have never had the ability to care too much what other's think. The way I see it; your name is you name. You cannot change a lot of things about your self and I realized that a long time ago. I have never been what you call I really trendy person, but I've always known what I like and what I don't.  I wear shorts in winter (Through out winter if you've seen me out this season) and it has never been a strange thing to me. Find what you love about yourself and flaunt it! Style has more to do with you than  it does  with fashion itself. You have the ability to make clothes come alive. I consider myself a BBBB. I work hard,  I dress hard and when I play; I play the hardest. If you don't like what I'm wearing... Look the other way!

xoxo LM ...just another F.O.R 


Sunnies: Marc Jacobs
Bomber Jacket: JAY JAYS (SA/NAM stores are closed, but you can still purchase online or if you're in Australia)
Body Suit: Sissy Boy (Check out how they totally featured me on their Insta page!)
Fanny Pack: Crazy Store (they have the closest little things!)
Shorts: (Great Korean online store)

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  1. Everything about the jacket seemed fine. Quality leather, fit, color etc.The style is classic, yet modern, timeless, casual and very cool. High quality and very well crafted/constructed. Designer jackets