It Is Clearly a BLUR!

6:00:00 AM

It is all just a Blur if you ask me. Sitting here planning out my fashion year and I literally feel like 2016 is almost over. One thing is for sure we want La Mode Fashions (LMF) to be everything it can possibly be this year. Lessons of January?

1. Stopping worrying! There is no amount of worrying that will change anything.
2. Look fabulous! If you're going to complain about being broke; we would like to see why.
3. You're not Starving! We're all on a "Cleanse" half the time anyway!
4. Buy the SHOE! Yes, you are broke, but these ridiculous SALEs only come this time of the year!
5. Wear a TUTU! You will be a much happier fashionista- Promise!

P.S. Learn to live your best fashion life!

xoxo LM

Top: Zara
Tutu: LM
Shoes: Aldos

2016 WAS a good year already!

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