To Fashion: My first love

7:42:00 AM

My Mini Collection 2009. Designs by Leah Misika (Center)

I thought I would start my blog in a more personal manner. I first fell for fashion when I was 9 and fashion t.v finally made it to Namibia, on channel 72. I was amazed at the beautiful clothes I would see and these tall beautiful women that would grace the runway with their energy and elegance. I realized then and there that I wanted to be that, I wanted to be that person that created that. A person that had the right to tell people that this fashion, with this hairstyle, and this make up is what beauty is. I wanted to inject my notions on what women should look, feel, act and smell like.
So here I am 12 years later in my senior year of my fashion degree and it hits me, fashion was not what I thought it was. When I saw fashion for the first time on that screen, I saw a creation of beauty and elegance. Now I see fashion and I am repulsed by it. I realized the fashion I had seen was a canvas of beautiful art, but now that I have met the artist behind the art it is not so beautiful anymore, He was a thief. The real creators where on the streets, their attitudes and lives as I have seen them are sure to inspire, the side-walk is their runway and the fashion never really ends. So who am I? You might ask again. I am fashion on the streets.

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