SYM LAFAs 2019: My Look!

2:40:00 AM

Disclaimer: This blog post is just an excuse to show yall my dress because if you are here right now, you probably appreciate such. 

So the Simply You Magazine lifestyle and fashion awards happened and we all showed up decked out in our individual ideals of African Royalty. The red carpet was my favourite part of the event because you all know I love any excuse to dress up and do the most! What I loved the most is that there was a consensus that African royalty is most definitely dramatic and thus everybody brought the drama honey. As for the award ceremony; like most shows in the country, it needs work and I cannot stress this enough. But I am not going to go into details, as I am sure the organizers are aware of what needs to happen and are hopefully working on it. 

Now about this dress! Yaaaaaassssssssss this dress! Can I just say I finally feel like my creativity is coming back after 4 years of doing private clients, I had to stop. Making what other people wanted me to make, for money, was sucking the life out of me. Ok! Back to the design! Firstly, I only decided on this design on Wednesday. I was having a hard time deciding on the drama aspect of my outfit, because for the most part I love really simple cuts. I was going to wear a detachable long train, but that seemed predictable and messy (I just imagined people stepping on it, not to mention all the stuff that was going to drag along. Ewww!) Lucky for me Celine Dion popped up on my explorer with one of her Paris fashion week LEWKS and I was in love. I designed my own interpretation of the sleeve and added it to my original dress design. To make sure my design worked I spent most of my Thursday making the pattern for the sleeves and planning out the construction of the dress. On Friday: I bought 7 meters of fabric, washed it; because it was waxy and stiff. And finally cut once it was dry on Friday Afternoon. The sleeves took up all 7 meters of the fabric and the rest of the dress was made from the scraps (literally!) Hence, you will notice a tear in the back of the skirt, which was saved by the fact that I had lining and it was dark so no one was looking for my tiny rip (dont try this at home kids). All in all, it was costly but soooo worth it! It all worked out perfectly because of these amazing sleeves! They are life givers, plus I could have styled this dress so many different ways, which is the type of functionality I want in all the garments I make. So definitely keeping the same energy for future garments I make. 

P.S. This dress is the beginning of a new LM Collection so let me know if its a vibe VIBE or if I should move on with my life. 

…xoxo LM (Just another F.O.R)

Photos by Kevin  Katokele 


Hair: Kamary Mupupa
Make Up: Lulu Mukasa
Dress: Yours Truly! 

Bouns Shot!

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