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Now I'm not even going to front and say this is some new found "beauty secret", but it is definitely
something I found just in time for my 30 year old Namibian skin to survive the next 30. Having moved around a lot, I never really found or stuck to any specific skincare regiment. So when I moved back to Namibia a few years ago, I wanted to use something that worked for my skin on a budget.  I tried out quite a few products , and eventually I found the rooibos skincare line. I loved the scrub and loved the fact that my moisturiser had sunscreen in it. But at some point my skin needed something that would work for MY skin in THIS weather.  Namibian is not the best place to live for my skin type. If you ask me my skin thrives in humid weather. This dry air and scorching sun are sucking the life out of my skin as we speak. So you can imagine how I feel now that I think I have a solution to my mini skin problems. 

So about the Ousie skincare products. I am giving y'all this review unsponsored for 3 reasons.
1. It's a local skincare line.
2. The price is right.
3. Me skin is LIT right now.  

On to the review!!! Firstly, I cannot wait for them to do an entire range, but as an entrepreneur myself, I am sure this can only happen if their current line sells. Moving on, why I am in love with this product. I don't necessarily have "bad skin" (Whatever that actually means) For the most part of my life I never had to do too much (Thank you mom and dad!) but like anyone else we all have our skin qualms. My skin is super dry and needs a lot of moisture. Nothing was lasting long enough until now. When I tell you that an oil is the last thing I would have thought to use! It is literally
the last thing. All this because my skin looks oily, but feels dry, I honesty did not want to add to the oily/dry look I was already sporting. Ok, so why am I obsessing-  well both products have rose extracts in them (So it is like buying myself roses!) :). In all seriousness; I can't even explain why I'm obsessing because it is something you have to feel. My skin feels good, it looks like life is being ploughed back into it.  but here is 3 actual reasons. 

1. I actually know all the ingredients
2. The use is simple (which makes life easier! I really don't need anything else complicating my life!)
3. Did I mention; My skin is LIT!  

The Moisturising Marula is my favourite because I love how it feels on my skin, how my skin absorbs it and lastly the smell. It's got this sexy citrus smell that I cannot get over. The smell is the number one reason why I like using it at night as well because the scent is so soothing. Now the Rose & Witch Hazel Toner is so underrated! I initially bought because I have been looking for a rose water something to add to my skincare routine, my only wish is that the packaging was different but low and behold, they've changed it to a spray bottle. Cause ideally I would like to spray  my toner on and seal it with my moisturiser rather than use a cotton pad. Now obviously I might be celebrating too early but I'll be back in 6 months with a my new skincare regime ( because my skin is just different in my 30s so I have to switch it up as well.) And by then I can let you know if I am sticking to my word or not.  But for a month and some days in... check out my unfiltered pictures. Just great lighting, a good camera and me!

P.S. If you live in Namibia and are in or past your 30s... drop a sis a dime and tell me what's working for your face in this semi desert. Also Shout out to Zodid for inviting me to one of her  Tea, Tangs and Talk sessions, she's my plug on this one. 

xoxo... LM (Just another F.O.R)  


Ousie's Rose & Witch Hazel Toner
Ousie's Moisturing Marula

 First you...

Then you...


For anyone wandering where to get this sexy little number!
I make them! Look out for Sleah PJs coming your way soon!

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