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 I want to start this with a disclaimer in case anyone was wondering: I am nowhere near living the lifestyle I designed for myself, but ultimately that’s ok, because how to do it 101 is about creating the blueprint and the actions you will have to take. Personally, if I was living my dream lifestyle, I would have an address I hardly frequent, I would be a world citizen painting the world red with my lover, working from hotel rooms and villas with unimaginable views and telling the world about my journey; the things I wore, the food I ate and scenarios I created with my presence in the world and getting paid for it while I watch my bank account figures roll in from my curated business. Currently I am at…the things I wore, so as you can imagine this plan is taking longer than I expected, but guess what. I am already living it in a way. 

But to be honest, I designed the life I’m living now when I was 13. Those plans included Law school, so ultimately it gave me 4 extra years to execute, THANK GOD! 'Cause I would have been mental by now from looking at timelines and trying to figure out where I went wrong and never figuring it out because honestly, how are you supposed to keep up with a 13 year old's master plan who's goal is to grow up?! I redesigned the plan in college when I was 19 (THE COMING OF AGE… Dramatic drumroll please.) Lol. This is funny to me because Leah at 19 is a little bit like Leah now. She was the smartest person she knew. If you spend any time with me now, everything I do will elude to this. Basically, this was a time in my life where I was completely unimpressed with most people’s ways of thinking and more importantly their planning.  I had a SICK plan. To finish my Fashion Design degree in 3 years instead of the recommended 4 (which I did), to moved back to Namibia and start my Empire (MWAHAHAHAHA…coughs …ha…ha). I moved back and left a perfectly good man, good life and salary too (cringe moment, but of course I had a plan). The plan that went to the crappers once I landed in Namibia and realized I had been gone for 10 years. I walked in right in the middle of the “Blesser” era and was confused as to how a degree, work experience and some serious wit couldn’t land me a job or get me a loaded business partner to start LM-LAMODE. Retail literally saved my life, and I am grateful. However, let's not forget how far I was from my plan. Today, I am 6 years in the definition of started from the bottom...and I mean rock bottom, now I’m here; here being halfway there and in a position to share some insight, tricks and traits. If you are on my blog today, my lifestyle probably has something to do with it because I actually do the things my instagram says I do. 

So how did I start designing this lifestyle? Well, like any well-done design project, you have to follow the fundamental rules of creating something solid. 

Chapter 1: How to Design Your Lifestyle 101

Inspiration: "Powerful women often get concerned with this idea that they're going to be seen in this unforgiving light. Screw that. It's so old-fashioned... It's so uninspired and actually really cowardly.
 ~ Scarlett Johansson
 No, I am not saying go troll someone’s instagram and attempt to recreate his or her life. The aim is to design your own lifestyle and not necessarily imitate someone elses. Plus, you would end up depressed cause you would spend 80% of your time on their page checking to see if you are there yet (death). So how do you get inspiration you ask? Write a list. Write your top 5 priorities (Do it quickly)… I’m waiting. Done? Ok, from that list your first 3 priorities are your life. Knowing this, ask yourself if this is the life you want to live, if not, rewrite them. Now you have your inspiration.

Planning: This is by far the best part. Under each priority, make a list of actions that need to happen in order for your priorities to happen and become apart of your lifestyle. 

Example; P.S these are my personal priorities so don’t judge and you're welcome.

1.    Build a Fashion Design Empire (This is taking the longest time by the way…yawn!)
§ Quit you’re your job.
§ Use pension (peanuts) to start business.
§ Calculate your worth and then charge it. 
§ Create business standards and follow them. They will end up being your foundation when you get to the empire part.
§ Work tirelessly; after all, every cent is yours. Well, except for the taxes; the bills you acquire and the business up keep. Ok, a very small fraction is yours, so rather make a lot of money. 

         2.    Travel the world (Lucky to be doing this while building, but most of it has to do with my actions)
§ Don’t attempt to buy a car (I tried this once and it was stupid. Took out a loan and everything. A true testament to the kinds of mistakes you will make if you don’t follow your plan or disregard your priorities.)
§ Keep your everyday life expenses low. This means doing everything on the lowest possible budget. (If you pay a ridiculous rent that's killing you then you are already failing, unless you live in Kleine Kuppe close to Grove Mall then you are doing ok I guess.)
§ Do not buy anything Month End (not one single thing. Just don’t do it!). That month end thing is an old concept that will leave you stuck in a routine. If you can survive being broke from the 15th to the 30th, then you can survive the first 5 days of the month without spending all your cash.
§ Don’t buy anything at full price. Life is a bargain. I rarely pay full price for anything over N$200-00. 
§  Your social life better be paid for. People are out here living a very free life, get in on it. I don’t remember the last time I actually paid for a drink or the last time I needed someone to buy me a drink. You want facts? Don’t show up anywhere you are not formally invited or valued, and if you do buy event tickets make sure there are miles on it (Ticket must include, but not limited to sort of thing). Everything else you can do at home. Boom! Mind blown. 

           3.    Find True Love (The most ridiculous priority to have in 2018. However, I have already met him and the journey is about find my way back to him and him to me. Simple right… NOT!)
§ Run from this now! (I kid!) Write about it so as not to loose sight. (nothing will haunt you like the things you have written down. 
§ Zoom in on want you want (Be detailed, see the man.)
§  If it doesn’t look, sound or act like him… NEXT!
§ Be quick to move on cause you wasting his time and yours. 
§ Love deep, love hard … every single time. It’s exhausting, but sometimes you need to do the ridiculous things, for the things to be done. 

S/N: The example has five points listed under each inspiration (priority), my actual action list is far more detailed (…and I’m trying my best not to botch it. Everyday!)

Design: And Action! This is the part where you actively start living the lifestyle you designed by ticking off the list of things you've listed and making it a habit. Once it’s a habit, guess what, that’s your life now.

Redesign: You will and can always redesign based on new inspiration. When your priorities change so does your inspiration, and naturally you have to start the process again so as not to loose sight of the bigger picture. 

My Big Picture: “I would have an address I hardly frequent, I would be a world citizen painting the world red with my lover, working from hotel rooms and villas with unimaginable views and telling the world about my journey, the things I wore, the food I ate and the scenarios I created with my presence whilst getting paid for it as I watch my bank account figures roll in from my curated business.”

P.S. This is just one way to design the life you want to live. You could also just live and see how it goes, as long as the aim is to live through your own journey with no regrets. Also, leave me a comment and let me know if this was at all helpful… or not.

…xoxo LM (The F.O.R)

Photos by Phoobes Wiseswong 
Blazer: Bershka
Chest Bag: Bershka
Bikini bottoms: Calzedonia
Shoes: Ego 

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