Soldier Up!

12:16:00 AM

This life thing is a battle no-one can prepare you for. I mean; they try, they really do, but let's face it. Life is one of those "figure it out" kinda things. Eventually you do, but until then the battle of your life continues and I just want you to know that it is going to be ok. You are going to be ok. Life has a way of weighing it all and balancing the good and bad you experience. So when you are at the bottom, take the L and remember that the only way is up. When you hit a high, don't worry too much of when you're coming down. Just enjoy it while you can make it last, something so many of us forget to do because we refuse to face the inevitable bottom again. It is just in our nature to be at war, with ourselves, with life and currently with the weather. As a summer baby I have always felt like I was at war in winter. Like the weather was designed to bring out the fight in me, but to be honest I don't really want to do winter this year. And winter usually means taking the beating whilst waiting for summer so you can thrive. Instead I am here is my version on a war outfit that can help you thrive this winter. Minimal but powerful. 

My war ideal outfit? A felt LMF Beret (Available at The Sequel Vintage Store). An army green jumpsuit with a semi loose fit. A really great fitted leather jacket ((Quick back story: This leather jacket has served me well for about 4 winters and is now peeling (sad). A few years ago I would have sent it off to the soup kitchen to find a new loving owner, but I've grown a weird love and appreciation for things that seem to bring something new with age and this jacket is still doing the things.)) A bright burnt orange bralette to save this outfit from being a complete bore and leather slip ons for comfort and stylish mobility. After the all; this is war. 

P.S.  There are secret battles happening everywhere and whether it is the weather, emotions or physical, don't forget to dress the part and kick butt. You're a solider so I suggest you 'Soldier Up!' 

....xoxo LM (You're Favorite F.O.R) 


Beret: La Mode Fashions (Available at The Sequel Vintage Store)
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Jacket: Town Square China Shop
Fanny Pack: Harare 2nd hand Market
Jumpsuit: Refinery
Bralette: Cotton On
Shoe: Ego

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  1. First time actually reading your blog and i must say...I enjoyed reading through. I love this post in particular coz i can relate, to a few things.
    1. Life and Adulting...damn hard
    2. I also have this one vintage jacket that has been with me for 4 years and is cracking but i still wear it proud. lol I am so attatched to it.