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Something straight out of "How Stella got her groove back" minus the hot Taye Diggs, I am finally feeling like myself again. That's right; I left the debby-downer, no enthusiasm having, 2018 generated Leah in Phuket! All I can say is; Thank you for sticking around for it all. Phuket literally saved my creative life. As much as I felt like 2018 was a year that needed to pass, I am grateful for the emotional roller coaster it has been. I cried more times this year then I have in the past 6 years put together. As you can imagine I don't cry very often. Most of that crying happened in Phuket. Turns out I was finally grieving, my grandfather, my uncles, family friends, my relationships and my life in general. As much as I would not trade my life for anything, this year started with so much death around me that I literally felt like I was dying too. I didn't really deal with any of it and was draining myself just looking for a creative pulse to drown myself in. I was in the worst space of my life, but still felt the need to keep it moving even though it would be slow. 

Phuket was something of a dream and thanks to my little sister it was the 7 days I needed to just digest all the feelings I was accumulating and neatly tucking away to feel later; however, later never came it seemed. I played, prayed, danced, drank, relaxed, fought and laughed with the people I love and they allowed it all (So grateful for that). I have returned a much lighter person, all the exhaustion I was feeling was gone, the creative block gone, and the anxiety also gone! Self-care is something you have to exercise as a creative or else you will never survive your feelings. As a creative everything you create takes a piece of you, everyone consumes what you create and takes a piece of you; so you are always giving a piece of yourself and if you do not take time to take care of you soon, there won't be anything to give and what a dull world it would be. 

P.S. Give the people what they want (These fabulous
pics are for you), but make sure you give yourself what you need to do all that! 
Whatever you do; don't let your fire die... bottomline: you can't be Sleah if you don't light up everything around you.  

... xoxo LM (The F.O.R)

Special Thanks 

Melissa Rawls Misika  Happy Birthday Baby Girl and Thank for Phuket.
Rachel Misika ( Big sister Mo'ghel!)
Winnie Mollel (It's a yes for me)
Riccardo Onnis  (Voy morire a Phuket!) 

Photos by Phoobes Wiseswong 

Bikini Top: Edgars
Bikini Bottoms: Cotton On

S/N: This is my favourite bikini. It is more salmon than pink; I bought the top and bottom in different stores about 3 years apart. The top doesn't respect my tiny tits, but gosh this colour is heaven sent. 

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