A Black Winter

2:35:00 PM

The thing about Namibian winters is that it never truly looks like winter and is probably the harshest season you will ever experience. At Night the air is cold and dry (will literally suck the life out your skin, dry it and crack it. It’s brutal ...trust me.) During the day the sun is hot and sharp, if your skin survives; you are winning at life. In my experience; you will always get sick during a Namibian winter simply because your body cannot keep up with the fluctuating temperature changes, so you can only imagine the fashion nightmare. Scenario: Early mornings are super cold, you get into your office, even colder, by lunch time outside is basically summer with a light winter air, so lunch is nice expect the fact that you have to hold your big coat on the way back to work. Inside your car or cab you're over heating, back in the office it is back to cold again (because central heating missed us). Honestly who wouldn't get sick? And more importantly; WHAT DO YOU WEAR?! This is why I feel like entering winter always makes sense in black.

This outfit is a direct translation of how confused everyone's style is at the beginning of winter. It’s chilly so you pull out the pleather, but still style it with your summer top because where are your sweaters anyway. Namibian winters and style are basically everyone’s dream “Fashion Mood”. You can do whatever you want and people just have to adjust and deal with it. It is actually fabulous. I had to style my fit with an LMF beret for control and this super cute hand painted and handmade "Ice Cube" backpack from Funk Foo Bags because why do you not own a super cute backpack to keep all your winter "stuff" in? Also black just says you are warm, even if you’re not and lets face it; we are after the illusion, no one likes to look cold.  

P.S. Pleather is a the worst thing you could decide to wear during the day in Namibia even in winter because you'll probably sweat and then freeze to death later, either way you won't be ok. Take it from a pleather lover; wear it only at night, you'll be safe.

... xoxo LM (The F.O.R)

Photos by Kevin Katokele

Beret: La Mode Fashions
Top: Cotton On
Pants: Legit
Bag: Funk Foo
Shoes: H&M 

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