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On a visit to Harare I had the pleasure of meeting the Designer of Kidd Hunta and when he told us the story  of this fictional character he created of this adventurous African boy and how each collection from the brand had elements of his adventure I could not help but fall in love with the brand. Truth be told, I needed a little adventure myself. So I skewered their store looking for something I would enjoy wearing and something I could incorporate into my closet. I found this mesh t-shirt with zipper and print detail and bought a 5 panel hat that I look really good in, but will probably only wear on my more adventurous days. So just like that two Kidd Hunta items made it to Windhoek Namibia and because of how I felt whilst wearing this brand I just had to do a post bout it.

It is insane how much spirit clothes really carry and if you have ever been attached to a brand you will understand what I am talking about and its the reason I have decided to endorse continental brands and products because these are the stories I now relate to.  I used to be so obsessed with Chanel not because I loved their clothes but because I was obsessed with Coco's story. I was mostly obsessed with her handbags not because they were special, but because of the amount of  secret compartments in a Chanel bag  and the story behind it. When asked why her bags had so many compartments she said it was so a woman could be able to hide all her love letters. Almost implying that if you carried a Chanel you had love interests that wrote you letters worth keeping in your purse so you could secretly read them whenever you were having a bad day. This is why I aspire to own a real Chanel Bag because of the romance behind it. Same reason why I wanted to wear something Kidd Hunta cause I wanted to be that adventurous African kid. So when I finally did, I had a hell of a day because wearing this brand made me feel adventurous, creative and spontaneous which I consider Brave. You are brave to be creative in a world where you are told what to do. You are brave to be adventurous in a world where safety is key. You are brave to be spontaneous in a world where your focus or lack there of can make or break you. Just living your life doesn't seem enough in the real world.

So what did I do as a Kidd Hunta for a day? I conquered the world or at least it felt that way. I attended a few inspirational events and then gallivanted the city with Martin Amushendje, which is how we ended up taking these really cool images of my OOTD. I think sometimes I forget that as much as blogging is about visual aesthetics it is also about being in the moment and capturing life as it is and not just life as it could be. It is definitely about telling and convoying a more personal story, one only you can tell. The adventures we have in the clothes we wear is the reason we love them because they become a huge part of our story.

P.S. The slogan for Kidd Hunta is "Brave Hearts Never Fail". I was definitely inspired to be a little braver and create my own adventures.

...xoxo LM (The F.O.R)

Photos by Martin Amushendje 

Top: Kidd Hunta (Menswear)

Cap: Kidd Hunta 5 panel
Lace Bralett: Cotton On
Pants: Cotton On
Shoes: H&M

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