Be Fabulous!

4:40:00 AM

I have always believed in being fabulous. I find it so sad when people have an opinion on how someone else should be. How do you actually get that right? How do you wake up from your bed, put your life on pause to play a role in a movie that will never air and voice your opinion on the matters of someone else's way of being or living? The age of opinion is so tired if you ask me, and that is why I will always aspire to be fabulous. 
Resembling or suggesting a fable: of an incredible, astonishing, or exaggerated nature. Why would you not want to be the best version of yourself? Why would you allow cyber bullies and people who think they matter to have an opinion on your brilliance and how it is engineered? Life is short, but it will be even shorter if you do not do the things that matter to you. If you do not wear your ideas with pride and are not ready to take criticism, you will never do anything you set out to do.  Remember that you cannot be too considerate about what others will think because their thoughts will always be a matter of convenience because not everyone knows how to be fabulous. Everyone is so hungry to be a part or have a say in the next most controversial thing as if his or her opinion truly matters. The thing is everyone’s opinion matters, which is why it does not matter either.  No one is above anyone so be true to who you are. No validation is required for you to be the best version of yourself. That is why I will always aspire to be fabulous. You are the only one that can be you, and that scares people because they recognize that fact too.  
 And while we are on this fabulous train of thought lets talk about this outfit. I made this very simple but fabulous skirt with a high slit because I happen to have fabulous legs and they needed to feature. The skirt comes in three different colors and can be made with or without the exaggerated side slit. The waistband is elastic, because comfort matters. The hem is raw salvage that doesn’t fray to help keep the flow of the fabric. The sheen on the skirt makes it a nighttime garment, but if you are anything like me you will know that anytime is a good time to be fabulous. Ask yourself: does it break the norm? If your answer is - Yes, then go ahead and do it. Fitting in is overrated!

P.S. We are all in the same game, just different levels, dealing with the same hell, just different devils. My only hope is that you are still mad enough to be you!

...xoxo LM (The F.O.R) 

Photos by Kevin Katokele


Earring: Miss Guided
Bustier and Fur Jacket: Mr Price
Skirt : LMF Designs N$700 (DM to Order)
Shoes: Nine West (these heels are super comfortable)

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