Date Night: LBDs

9:59:00 AM

Getting to know someone has forcibly become such a private thing for me. I went from dating socially to dating privately so fast because Namibia is too small of a place to be actively dating and getting to know people. If you've lived here all your life I completely feel your pain staying single or maintaining a healthy relationship is harder than anywhere I've lived. People are messy and in a place where dating boundaries are ignored and everyone you're thinking of dating has already been with at least one person you know if not more, it is almost impossible to believe that you might still find untainted true love. Don't give up though... Mr "Fire" existed ... you just need a sh*t load of patience. 

Now about this little black dress. I absolutely love a light weight dress that goes with the flow. this little misguided LBD is perfect; not too sexy, not too tight but open in all the right place to help you keep it sexy, but understated. I don't know about you, but I believe the texture of the clothes you wear on a date can be the difference between a beautiful night and an itchy night. You're a woman, everything about you should make a man want to touch you... the dress and how it feels included. If you ask me; the right black dress on you can get you into any man's heart if you really want to.  Oh Yes honey, dipping and doing.  So make sure to only have one waiting in your closet at all times. 

P.S.  If you really want to enjoy your date night... notify those who matter, turn off the phones and enjoy your person - the way he smiles, the way he got his hair cut for date night, the way he likes to grab you for no reason. the way you get goosebumps everytime he does. #Mr🔥 

...xoxo LM (Just another F.O.R)

Earrings: Accessories
Bralette: Missguided (get used it it... its gonna be in almost all my blogs)
Dress: Missguided
Bag: Forever New
Nails: Dischem
Shoes: Ego

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