Black Coffee: Shimmy Beach OOTD

3:15:00 AM

Firstly, let me start by saying; Black Coffee was Lit. If you ever get a chance to see him play live, take it because it is worth every penny. Also my night was beyond perfect compared to the day Melisa and I had (That's a story for my next blog though.) Black Coffee at Shimmy Beach was the best remedy. We ate, we drunk , we danced and than we drunk some more (Responsibly, obviously.) Ok enough about how much fun I had. 

Can we take a few mintues to talk about this OOTD though?! Let me just say I was Sleah that night because - She - Lit - Everything - Around - Her. I was having such a shit day but this outfit saved the day, there is nothing better than an outfit that has the power to stop a room full of people. Yes! photographers, take your pictures and make it last. I was dripping in some finesse and therefore dipping them hips because when you feel like fire ... you are fire. Also no-one looked like me (Cheese!) It is soooo good to be Leah in moments like these. Also for someone who does not accessories often, I definitely saw the difference and will be changing my ways for special occasions from here on out. This crystal bralette I had one was the best purchase decision of 2017...because every slay queen must sparkle darling.... must! Anyways Details are below because why shouldn't we slay together!

P.S. Best part of the night was Maps surprising me and my CT squad (thank you Mr Maponyane for being a dope friend) my night was full. As you can imagine it was an epic night and fun was had. 

xoxo... LM (Just another F.O.R) 

Photos by Keven Katokele


Glasses: Pretty Little Things
Crystal Bralette: Missguided
Top: Pretty little things
Pants: Pretty Little Things
Shoes: Ego

Soooo basically online stores!

Actual Night: New hair, added accessory...who dis?! Added the gorgeous ears from Missguided the day offend changed my hair cause CT calls for curly big hair. Oh and I also tailored my pants for my short ass cause they were way to long originally. 

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