Ms. 20 Somethings!

11:34:00 PM

The last of my 20 somethings! It is crazy how time flies when you are having fun. There is so much I would like to share about my journey to 29, but that would take about 300 pages so let's leave that for the memoir. I will say this though; I have never been so comfortable and excited to be any given age like I am about being 29, 26 comes really close cause I felt there were some serious blessings that come with crown birthdays however 29 definitely takes the cake. People say 29 is an odd year and maybe it is. Maybe that's why I like it. It's the year of reconciliation. The most serious admin/audit year of your life or at least that's what I feel like it's gonna be. The one year you have to gather all the crap you did in your 20's and make it look like magic by the time you hit 30 (No flipping pressure!). 

Feels of my first 10 hours being 29

 Feeling like the sexiest woman ever... flat chest and all. 
 Feeling like I've done me enough, it's time to let a beautiful stray into my life. (wholeheartedly)
Obviously older, but that's mainly cause I'm like 100 on the inside.
Definitely feeling a little bit enlightened and more self aware.
Gonna owning the power of being me (y'all are gonna hate it, but I'm gonna love it!). 
considering loving like I'm 18 again.

29 year old Leah's Missions

Find your scent.
Appreciate and acknowledge things you take for granted like air.
Love a little harder.
Loose at least one fear (Driving seems like the top of the fear list).
Write your future husband a love note from your 20 something self.
Don't be a cautionary tale.
Write again. Like really write.
Find an eye lotion cause life is coming for you girl. 

P.S. This is going to be the best part of my 20's !!!  And I just sacrificed a bit of it to write this post so you could share this day with me... also to share these dope birthday pics. The reason why Kevin will forever be my photographer. I ask for perfect pictures (impossible). He takes the reality of me and finds the perfect angle (which makes it almost perfect).

xoxo LM.... (Just another F.O.R getting a little older and hopefully wiser)

Photos by Kevin Katokele

Dress: Leah Misika
Shoes: Ego

Prosecco Darling!
Yep! 29 and definitely still fly 

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