Festive: All Day Glam !

12:18:00 AM

I lost half the pictures for this look but had to share because it was such a dope look. It is obviously festive season and I am all about transitional looks so I wanted to to create an all day look that would working during the festive season . If I can't wear it everywhere I go for the day and still look good then I'm not wearing it. This look can go anywhere from a house chill session, day drinks, to dinner to the club all in one day just by adding and subtracting a few pieces. To see the look from beginning to end you'd have to see the video on my Instagram. 

Now let's zoom in on this bralette (OMG I'm sooo inlove with this little thing!) and why it's gonna feature in most of my outfits this festive season. Firstly,  I've decided that 2018 is the year I embrace my small tits and because new year habits start in the old year I'm already wearing my padded bras less. I'm also not a big on accessories so wearing a peice like this makes up for so much in my outfits. It also adds some much needed glam to any outfit which I love and can be styled almost with anything, over or under you top or just by itself (which I did 🙈)  . So basically the best accessory/clothing I've ever owned.

P.S. This is the season to be jolly so go all out and care a little less about what everyone thinks. If you're going to enjoy life, you are going to have to love everything about who you are and care very little about what people think of you. Just do and be and you will be great!

S/N: Had to blur out the nipslip for my mini readers, but free the nipple y'all... atleast in December! which just happens to be My Birthday Month.

xoxo ... LM (Just another F.O.R!) 


Blazer: Zara
Bralette: Missguided
Pants: Mango
Shoes: Ego


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  1. Hahahahahah drew the nipple!!! I will hold you back to this!