A Christmas Tale From My Bedroom

12:40:00 AM

So I decided I wasn't going home this Christmas so I could get some work done during the holidays. Call it building my loner strengths, but this Christmas does not feeling nearly as bad a my first Christmas alone in Windhoek. When I used to work in retail, there was no leaving town. You worked before and after Christmas as a store manager, which was fine until Christmas Day where you had no work, no family or friends in town and no where to be and only everyone's festive posts on social media to keep you company.  It felt like the worst thing ever specially when you come from a family like mine. My family has never quite been conventional about anything really. I haven't lived with my entire family since I was 14 so all we had for many years was Christmas. This was the one time we would all fly in from where ever to be together and most of the time not everyone could make it. Although all I ever wanted for the longest was a Christmas like one we once had in Uganda  with the entire family there, gifts, good food and great family conversation; I realized that Christmas was about being grateful for the people in your life and that sometimes extends outside of your family. 

I'm not with my family but knowing them I might as well be there with the amount of update phone calls and pictures I 'll be getting from my sister. Gotta run though, I'm already late for a Christmas lunch with my other family (My Best Friend's Family). I'm in charge of dessert (Can you believe that crap?!) Way to make me feel like the step child!

P.S. There is no such thing as Christmas by yourself. You may not be with your family, but trust me there are plenty of people in your life that love you and might as well be your family. 

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S!!!

xoxo... LM (Just another F.O.R feeling the Christmas spirit)

Also... how many time did I say; "Christmas"? 🙈

 Photos by Neal Phore 


PJs and Christmas Socks : Cotton On

If you don't hide my presents I will open them !

Things to do on Christmas morning drink tea and blog... and insta story so everyone knows you're ok!


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