That Old New!

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Who doesn't love a good oldie?! Old clothes will save your fashion life and I swear by this. Some of the most timeless and valuable items in my closet are the oldest. I love to wear old clothes because at times they are the newest thing you will ever, that and I love the fact that when people ask me about my clothes I can tell them exactly where I got them, but in the same light be assured that they probably will not find them.  About this out fit; none of these pieces were bought to be worn together, but in the name of style and consistency make sure your closet is working for you and not the other way around. Plus I refuse to let a good penny go to waste on bad shopping choices. 

Tips to keeping your old new

1. Care labels are your friend, read them and apply. If it says hand-wash only, then hand wash the garment. Just cause it survives the washing machine once doesn't mean they lied. If it says flat dry , don't hang it. If it said air dry don't hang it in the sun and complain that it is losing color. I cannot stress this post enough. 

2. Rotate your faves. We buy so much stuff , but only wear the same 10 items at a time and most of the time they get washed and end up in the front of the "wear pile" each time. I once went a year without doing laundry. (Crazy, but true.) Don't ruin the clothes you currently love by wearing them until their done. Rotate your closet and if you have space try not doing laundry and really test how you really own. It will shock you.

3. Not everything has to be washed after every wear. Fabric fibers need rest too you know or they get old really fast just like you. Also most of us like to soak our clothes so the dirt is easily removed, but lets face it. Most of your clothes aren't that heavily soiled, your just ruining a great top. wet, wash and rinse is the order of the day. 

4. Buying timeless peices means your clothes will never really be old clothes. Some of my favorite clothing peices get worn once a year and are about 7-8 years old. If you love it preserve it and you want to preserve it make sure it is timeless and worth the care. 

P.S. I rarely wear a full new outfit because I rarely buy for occasions. I buy pieces that appeal to my style and already existing closet so I can wear them with anything and still look great. On that note, I hope your current wardrobe lasts you longer than the last. 

xoxo... LM (Just another F.O.R)


Sunnies: Pretty Phat Nam
Shirt: Jay Jays (2014)
Tights: Sportscene (2015)
Shoes: H&M (2017)

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