Texture Slore !

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Mix it all I say, but if you're going to do it, go all out. This one of my favorite looks because it is actually hard to pull off. It is not always so easy to do the most but they don't call it the most for nothing. Namibian fashion can sometimes force you to play it safe, but if we are really out to live our best lives, why are we playing something as frivolous as fashion safe? "Life is too short to wear boring clothes" don't allow trends to make you wear things you don't love or feel great in. I admire people that wear black all the time for aesthetics or people that keep their hair the same for image. I'm just not that person. I love a black outfit, but I love color just as much. I love my hair in every which way it can be. When you love and understand who you are people will understand and deal with it. So I'm over here making the world deal with my fashion dope or not.

Now back to this look. I have five textures on; the rose printed choker, the leopard printed bomber jacket, the two textured skirt and the feather heals. Now usually I would tell you to pick one or two and keep it moving, but sometimes you need to take a leap of faith and make the look work. This doesn't mean go crazy and bring back color block vibes. The reason this look works so well is because all the peieces have a common color element which is black. And we all know that with black being the main color all is forgiven and right in the world of fashion. So when in doubt look for the black in every outfit.  ;)

S/N Namibian dry cleaner will not clean your leather goods or items that have a leather inserts in them. I have a great blazer from Express and this skirt which I cannot dry clean and I hate it! so if you know a place please let me know. I can't wipe this skirt and that jacket forever.  

P.S. I hope you checked out the bomb promo video for the blog post on my Instagram. Yeah I had to do the most #Sleah is a monster that needs to be fed! :)

xoxo... LM (Just another F.OR.)


Choker: Mr Price
Silk Bomber: H&M
Skirt: Jay Jays
Shoes: Top Shop

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  1. What a great blog! Loved it. All girls should read this because it shows where she got all her clothes and jewellery from and these days its hard to find the perfect clothing wear! Love the clothes and your poses by the way