SWIM GOOD: Beach Ready!

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After living in Miami for a few years being on the beach somehow becomes apart of your life. Before I get into it, I want you to know that wearing a bikini is really hard for a woman. There is a lot that has to happen before you decide to hit the beach (Gym, Water, Healthy food, Wax, Mani/Pedi, Exfoliate, etc.) and it is annoying. However, I have found that over the years you need two things to look good at the beach, great skin and great swimwear that compliments your shape. 


A good bikini doesn't happen when you are rushing to buy one cause you need one. Good bikinis usually happen when you're not looking, when it is off season and when it's sale time. All my favorite and expensive bikinis were bought either at sample sales or whilst on sale because it is not always about having the latest style bikini, it is about having swimsuits that last and forever look good on  you. So it is really important to find the perfect fit not trend.

Wax Routine

 I get a wax once a month with Ronell (who does house calls). I get waxed at home at my own time. which is perfect. The worst thing that can ever happen is trying to enjoy a spontaneous pool or beach day with hair sticking out your bikini bottoms. Just like gym living a hairless life needs to be routine as well. Also the only place where hair is sexy is on your head and your eyebrows, the rest needs to go. 

Beach lotion routine 

This is definitely something I learned in Miami because you will never catch a fly girl on Miami Beach looking ashy in her bikini. You need three layers to look like butter. Regular location (Nivea for me), Sunblock (SPF50). The last layer is the most important. The oily bronzer (Honey Bronze shimmering dry oil from the Body Shop is my go to.) Not only does it give you a cinnamon tan and a glow, it also hides that white cast you get from your sunblock. Before that I used to use The summer glow lotion by Dove which had a subtle self tanner that was great but wouldn't save you from that ashy look. The Honey Bronze lasts longer than your location so when you get out the water you don't have to be too worried about the ashy you showing up. 

P.S. No matter what your size, your body will never be perfect. So work with what you got. My weight fluctuates and sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it... I've learned to make peace with it in order to surround myself with more love than hate.  


xoxo... LM (Just another F.O.R)

Photos by : Frank Mukendi


Bikini Top: Red Carter (Purchased 7 years ago at a sample sale).
Bikini Bottoms: Cotton On (Purchased a Month ago in the sale section.)

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