Black Currant

12:56:00 AM

In the name of Fashion, black will be honored. It is almost fashion week in Windhoek and I am more than excited! This is like the official week of the F.O.R so yassssss girl come through with your bad self. As women we  complain all the time about being forced to compromise and although the act itself cannot be avoided in life, I believe you have a choice of when it features. I refuse to compromise on three things, Style, Work and Love. And when I talk about Style, Work and Love I'm talking about who I am, what I do and whom I want to share that with. Again; I cannot and will not compromise on those things, everything else is negotiable. My style; which is everything from how I do things, how I make moves and what I wear is soooo important to me and if that makes me a fashionista, Sure. But I seriously don't believe that your style just come from what you wear,  because if your style who you are. Then you style ultimately becomes the feeling and impression you give people everytime you show up.    

I will be honest and say I have nothing awesome to wear for fashion week but that doesn't mean I not gonna stunt. I just means that all the things I wanted to wear I don't own so I have to make it work with what I do have. Enough about fashion week though, lets talk about this outfit. See there is a reason black is always gonna be the new black. It is a color that realistically can do no wrong. People that can wear black all the time without fail have probably made it in life and the rest of us are just not clued in yet. This look is by far the trendiest outfit I have worn in a long time. Usually I put random items together and make it look good. This whoever is all over the Gram. Wrap tops and bell bottoms have taken over and I wanted to know what the fuss is about. One word [SEXY] so I've decided to make [SEXY] my official theme for fashion week. Because it just feels good to be sexy.

P.S. If you're looking for me all week. I'll be in the sexy corner, looking bomb, smoking a cigar and basking in my sexy aura. FYI... This week; you can't tell me nothing. 

xoxo... LM (Just Another F.O.R)


Chocker: Johannesburg Market purchase
Top: Cotton On
Bottoms: Top Shop
Shoes: Guess

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  1. This is simply amazing:) Totally love the vaaaarb to this post and you look absolutely amazing in this outfit. Yasss black dont crack at all.xoxo