A Military Barb !

11:22:00 PM

I've worn this exact outfit minus the barrette twice now, and I could live in this Jumpsuit. I first wore this to the fashion show I produced in Wernhil Park because that moment was about putting the scope of my business out there and letting people know that LMF is here to make it's mark, and me as its leader was just another soldier in the trenches trying to win a war against all odds. We won the odds that day and teamwork made the dream work. That was such good day that I had to do it again for the Gram. I pranced around Cape Town in this outfit a few weeks ago to some meetings and to do some fabric shopping for my F/W2018 collection and still wore this out to the beach. If there is anything I love its an outfit that is versatile and allows me to live my life.

Enough about the powers of this jumpsuit; lets talk about this Jacket. So I go this Jacket as a gift from my former PA who is now studying to be a Doctor in Cuba. Sometimes you never know how you impact peoples lives and mindsets. This jacket reminds me that even though you're invisible to many, there is always someone watching. Live an inspired life. If you want to see more people like you in the world, you have to be that person first, make it look amazing and watch it spread like wild fire.

P.S. These Plexi boots will never get old for me. In life you need a shoes that will always make sense and this shoe takes the cake. There is nothing it doesn't look good with and that makes it hard to leave behind.

Also S/O to my Military Barbs that are out here winning! You inspire me!

                                                         XOXO... LM (Just another F.O.R) 

Photos by : Frank Mukendi

Sunnies: TopShop
Choker: Mr Price
Bralette: Cotton On
Jacket: A Gift from Cuba
Jumpsuit: Refinery
Shoes: Ego

Magic Shoes  💕

Later that day I wore this outfit to the beach sans the glass slippers!

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