I CAME TO SLAY #sleah@thesunmet

12:08:00 AM

Its official! I have an alter ego. I cannot really explain how it happened or when exactly, but it is definitely a thing. So when I am out on a Slay mission you're probably meeting Sleah. The thing about alter egos is that people tend to blame all the bad or more real things they do on them. I personally think that my alter ego is just an extended version of me. However I will tell you this; Sleah; is not a personal person, she is here for the Fashion and when she shows up, trust me. She is here for the slay. 

Check Out this Revamped (Because I love to D.I.Y everything.) Go Jane jumpsuit I wore to the  Sun MET in Cape Town. The theme was decades of glamour and that meant anything glamorous from the 1900s to the 2000s. I decided to go with 70's glamour. The 70s were a very sexy time for women and Cher being the queen of see through jumpsuits definitely inspired this look. I aimed to go for a wet look with my hair, but the Cape Town heat was not letting me live. To finish the look I had go in with that red glitter lip because what is glamour without a little glitter! 

P.S. This look got me tones of celeb treatment  for no reason, so it is in fact true that you should dress how you want to be addressed.  

xoxo LM... (just another F.O.R) 

Slaying with FCN Board Members

Got a foot massage because walking in heels on grass is not for Sleah

The boys loved it,  so I let them!

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