MY NEW YOUTUBE SET with #TFGshowlove

5:06:00 AM

 Can I just start by saying; I am the worst mover ever! Even though I have moved so many times in my life, I still cannot seem to find the right way to move. Right now I can only call what I have done; "partial moving" because I still have my things at my old apartment.  which is a nightmare cause I cannot seem to find anything to wear these day. On the Upside; I finally got time to create my new set which would not have been possible without my #Showlove e-gift card. I spent just under two grand, but it was all worth it. The space looks great so cannot wait to see what it looks like on camera. If you missed my live video feed on Facebook not to worry! Click on this link : FACEBOOK VIDEO to watch it! Enjoy the pictures and your #TFGshowlove E-gift Card if you get one.

S/N: Big thank you to the 500 that have already viewed the video! 

P.S. You can totally win yourself one of these gift card if you enter some of their competitions on their Facebook: TFGSHOWLOVE

xoxo... LM (Just another F.O.R!)


Loving my new set!


Grey stripped Vas: @Home
Scent: @Home
Rosegold Mirror Jewelry Box: @Home
Placemat: Mr Price Home
Faux Flowers: Mr Price Home

Tea Set: @Home...they have hands down the cutest tea sets!
Pillows: Mr Price Home

See you guys on my YouTube Channel !

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