Neutral Lady

3:17:00 AM

Youtube got me feeling soooo fabulous! It is like a whole other level of blogging and I am loving it! Don't get me wrong, it is not the easiest form of blogging because in pictures you can pretend to happy or in the mood, but with Vlogging you actually have to be into it to make it happen. It is also amazing how many Namibian Vloggers  we have!!! I plan to shed some light on this community pretty soon once I discover the bulk of them. Namibia needs to know about this underground community that actually pretty cool.  Now back to my Blog! These outfits are from my first look book and wanted to share these amazing outfits with my readers. If you would like the details of these outfits please check out my Channel; Diary of a F.O.R . Comment if you like that you see.

xoxo... LM

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