LM Nail ART Secret... Sshhhh

12:42:00 AM

You will never catch me on a bad nail day and I don't think you should subject yourself to having such days either. So I've decided to share my latest beauty secret/obsession. 

PRESS-ON Nails are the truth!!!

I cannot stress how easy my busy life is with the babies in my life, not to mention the amount of dollars I am saving from cutting out my usual Mani treatment. On average I used to spend about N$ 250 on my nails, which I would still change the color myself to go with my look - which equaled a lot of time and money. Now, I go to clicks or my favorite trinket store and buy these press on nails, which I either glue on or used sticky gel adhesive. It takes me 10 minutes and maximum N$100 (thats if I need to buy new glue) for me to have fab nails for the month. 

 As women not to mention fashionistas, its important to look like you have it together and I have always felt like, good looking nails are a sign that you have it all figured out - even if you don't. The point is to stay fab and keep slaying.

P.S.  Here's my fav brand; Elegant Touch and this particular set is from their House of Holland collection.

xoxo... LM

Do you see there tiny roses on my nails!

This was inspired by Valentines Day (Usually keep it simple)

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  1. I am incredibly delighted by your amazing nail art. Also, I would like you to share more additional articles here. Send us samples! Will be happy to review them!