WHY I Lovvveeee my MEXICANDY!!!

10:19:00 PM

Photo credit: Martha Kaukungwa
Top: Bayside, Miami, FL
Bottom: Jay Jays Demin 
Bag: LAF LIV LOV (Mexicandy Bag) 
Shoes: Tomys

happen to have an obsession with Eco-friendly Shopping. Since I shop so much, I try to honestly save as many plastic bags as I can by carrying my recyclable Mexicandy almost everywhere I go. This bag is literally the perfect beach day, shopping day and Arrand day bag. I run my own fashion business which requires a lot of running around than fashion sometimes and as much as I want look the part, I also just want to be comfortable. It is official that 'My Mexicandy' is my new go to bag for just about everyting!!! If you would love one of these charming bags just visit the LAF LIV LOV site: http://laflivlov.com and find out how you can get your hands on one of these nifty, all purpose, Eco-friendly bags. Use my code: LOVLEAH  to get a 15% off discount on your (valid until end of September). You can thank me later!

....XOXO LM 

S/O: thanks @laflivlov for this amazing gift! Absolutely love this product!!!

 Leah Misika(LM) Lafing, Living and loving!! Use her code to shop online: LOVLEAH 

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